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Ebury on the AUD’s place among inflation and geopolitical drama

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25 February 2022

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The AUD’s place among inflation and geopolitical drama.

The Aussie dollar could be worth 75 US cents by June, said our Senior Dealer Patrick Idquival, however as geopolitical news trickles in and Forex markets reacted with rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine, Patrick says that days like today are a textbook demonstration of how the Aussie dollar can track risk and volatility. A worst case scenario is already priced in, and 75c by June still remains a possibility. Going forward, Patrick sees 71c against the USD as the support level for the coming weeks, but he expects to see our local currency start to push the resistance level of the 72c USD mark as well. But what does fed tightening mean for the AUD, and what cross-weight currencies should investors be trading it with?

Watch full interview here