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The Fed: can’t stop, won’t stop…. hiking

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6 November 2022

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The Fed: can’t stop, won’t stop… hiking


The fed hike by the expected 75 basis points so what does this mean for currencies? Our Senior Corporate Dealer Patrick Idquival joins Ausbiz where he shares the tea.

He said the king dollar was sold off against most currencies before the announcement before clawing it all back post-announcement. Being long USD just makes sense to finish the year according to Patrick and on the desk clients took advantage of the Buy USD orders getting filled just shy of 0.65 cents. The Bank of EnglandÔÇÖs announcement is looming and he said a 75 basis point is expected and priced in but he said a 50 basis point is still on the cards. Patrick explained that there are updated GDP and inflation projections to be released and downward revisions to both may be on the way.. Tune in for all the details here..

Watch full interview here.