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Ebury for Co-branded Partnerships

Are your clients’ working capital requirements not being met by traditional providers?


We want to help you deliver your clients the cross-border provision they need

Whether you’re a retailer, an investor, a law firm, a financial services company, or insurance company we want to help you deliver your clients' the cross-border provision they need - and keep them working with you.

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Increase your revenues per client by embedding Ebury in your offer.

A globally trusted and recognised provider with the expertise in FX that will make a formidable value-add, with an international reach and flexibility you need to build the solution right for your clients.

As your embedded partner, we offer a true collaboration.

Replace the red tape and hidden costs of a traditional provider with a full partnership, including a dedicated support team and a truly bespoke solution precisely tailored to your exact needs.

Tap into a new and unrealised revenue stream.

With a reputable partner who’ll help you provide a range of services and keep your clients in your ecosystem. And you can do it all under your own branding.


Build a new revenue stream


Your own identity
We do the admin, you do the relationship - and retain your own branding.


Dedicated support
Benefit from specialists in trade finance and risk management.


No red tape
Build a rounded offer that meets more of your clients’ needs with minimum admin.


Bespoke solution
Tailored top-to-bottom to your precise needs.


Knowledge sharing
Build a collaborative relationship with us where we gain deep insight on your business and how we can help you grow.


Global product range
Extend your reach by collecting locally across 140+ global currencies.


The benefits of working with Ebury

Co-branded partership

Full visibility on trades and commissions

Flexible blend of online and traditional service

Fast, simple onboarding process

Build a fuller service for your clients and avoid losing business to competitors

Dedicated relationship manager

Free enrollment, no fixed monthly costs


Discover why businesses have been choosing Ebury to help grow their global footprint in the Financial Services industry