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Ebury Institutional Solutions

An alternative solution for investment funds, corporate service providers and other clients with unique needs

Risk Management

Efficiently mitigate foreign exchange risk across your structures with tailored solutions for all situations. This coupled with our best in class unsecured hedging facilities will allow you to focus on efficiently deploying capital rather than self managing foreign exchange risk

Ebury Account

Local account details in 10+ currencies and foreign currency accounts in an additional 20 currencies, you can truly transact with ease, all around the world. Additionally, Ebury can convert and pay in 140+ currencies worldwide


Our technological abilities and our global network will allow you to deploy capital across the world

Ebury Institutional Solutions allows fund managers to deploy capital across the world at pace meaning they can execute their investment strategy without back-office delays. Managers can also plug the service into portfolio companies to achieve further cost and time synergies to maximise investment returns.


Customer Service

When you join Ebury you’ll have your own dedicated Relationship Manager who will work with you to create solutions that meet your business’ specific needs


We work with you in mind

We have developed our technology and capabilities to be in line with our clients’ needs over the years, and continue to do so


Global flexibility

Our multilingual teams span across 32 global offices, which means you have access to local and global expertise


Online platform

Make quick and easy transactions, manage your funds, and access our capabilities in our secure portal


Since 2009, our foreign exchange solutions have been working across all industries, removing the financial barriers many organisations face

Discover why businesses have been choosing Ebury to help grow their global footprint in the Financial Services industry